Perspective, Refreshed

11:13 AM

Weight loss required a new level of acceptance.  When you're accustomed to a way of living, a standard of existence for more than half of our life, understanding the internal journey of being catapulted into a new of living is frightening [Let the record show, I am NO way sad that I am a smaller size].  However, the school of acceptance of one's self in totality was in session during this phase of my life.  The student and the professor, learning from the one governing a new course [the soul within this new frame].  Unexpected exposure, emotional findings, not-so-glamorous the midst of it all, I find reward. I became aware of the true essence of me, I've learned it was OK to become best friends with the perfect imperfections, the sweet complexities.  And I am eager to grow and experience a world of living beyond me!  And I am owning me, every step of the way!


Transparency inspires me to invite you into a journey of weight loss being more than just a physical transformation.  Vulnerability frees me up to tell you that I'm STILL on that journey embracing every mountaintop and every deep valley.  Slaying looks along the way!!!

Disclaimer - Beautiful people this is my personal and individual journey to my weight loss being more than just a physical journey, but a formal introduction to me!  And the beginning of owning me! 

To The Look - I am LIV-ING for minimalist fashion! Sleek, understated.  The style really allows me to be creative with make-up & play up fabulous accessories!  Minimalist style is not distracting, it calls to the carpet what's going on in the inside.  I am more aware of how I feel when my wardrobe is most basic. Some times, I have to give myself a pep talk, other times, I excitedly await for what the day has in store!

Dress - Ross Dress for Less | Boots - JustFab (old) | Head Gear - JoAnn Fabrics

Love Styled,
Elle D.


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