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Hello lovelies!!

It has been quite a while!  Believe me!  I have missed you all so very much!  Blogging is one of my loves, and I adore communicating and interacting with you all!  As started earlier this summer, I completed my summer thrifting challenge!

Thrifting, blogger closet sales, pop-up shops & personal style bidding apps have easily become popular ways "stylistas" score awesome pieces that allows the shopper to stay within budget with the ability to pair pieces from the wardrobe with gently used purchased items. These avenues of shopping allows many women to wear fabulous looks for work, leisure, formal events.

Beause our budget may not always allow for expensive looks. Over this summer, I challenged myself to become resourceful with my style by creating a few trendy favorite looks using thrifted items!

Being resourceful has really been a task for me this summer! Embarking on a new journey with obtaining my esthetics license, I have had to become resourceful with my time. Of course, we are met with time and budget constraints all time. Its a natural consequence of taking risks! And as life has it, new goals don't always allow us to put one thing down to accomplish another. But we must never allow that fact to negatively affect the beauty of the outcome, even with our style! As with our personal style, many times we mix high & low end pieces, we must use the same principles with our dreams!

At time with meeting our goals, we have to become resourceful with resources, time, tasks, delegating, and trust. Breathe, list your priorities, set deadlines, set your budget, and sometimes you may just have to squeeze what you have been endowed (be resourceful) with to produce the new fruit we desire for our life!

I hope that you enjoy the looks I've created!

Summer Style Thrifted Look #2

Top - Thrifted | Shorts - Thrifted | Handbag - Thrifted | Shoes - Shoedazzle

Summer Style Thrifted Look #3

Top - H&M | Pant - Thrifted | Shoes - DSW (Jessica Simpson) |

Elle DeWanna

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