My Favorite Blog Posts in 2014!

3:53 PM

Hello!  I first want to thank everyone that has ever visited my blog this year!  Whether you've liked an Instagram photo, liked the blog's page on Facebook, commented on a post, photo, or emailed me!  I am humbled and grateful for you!  I never take any of the aforementioned for granted, and am thankful that you have allowed me to be a vessel in which you receive a bit of your style inspiration! 
My first year of blogging has been so very fulfilling, and is definitely a lot of hard work!  It has required dedication, accountability, and a lot of time, and I've loved every bit of it!  And I am looking forward to what to bringing you more awesome and amazing looks, inspiration, and few other things that I have in store! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Now to the good stuff!  My favorite posts/moments as a blogger in 2014. Enjoy & feel free to follow the direct links for me!

Give 'Em A Warm Shoulder With A Side of Tulle In The City

Tulle Skirts & Polka Dots In The City

Crochet, Prints & Ripped Denim
Prints On Prints On Prints - Plaid Remixed
Skin Is In - Is Python The New Zebra?

Lace In Winter

From Summer 2 Fall - Denim on Denim

A Toast To The Summer LookBook - Jogger Overalls

A Toast To The Summer Lookbook - Blushering Fall Right On In
In Living Color

Lady O' The Day

Elle DeWanna

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