Happy ReNEWal To You!

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Lisa Cohen RYT of Pranalisa Yoga Classes & Elle

HAPPY NEW YEAR to my lovely readers!

2014 came and left so quickly!  So many of us, including myself were so excited about ushering 2015.  I've seen many hashtags & and meme's expressing excitement and anticpation of the overflow the new year would bring!  I'm here for all of it!  I'm right there with you! 

However, I realize more importantly, that I can't expect the NEW year to bring NEW overflow, if I am not reNEWed! As a personal style blogger, much of my content is about style.  However, I would be remissed if I did not emphasize that I am a promoter of self love first!  A look is not complete, beat, fly, OVA, etc, without the sunlight and beauty that lies beneath the clothing.  It's easy to become a canvas the world paints and adorn with facades or insecurities, and smiles, but what do we do when we don't recognize the portrait after the artist (society) has painted?! 

Perhaps you need to refocus or re-center your core, after all, we can't expect 'newness' without doing a 'new' thing.  So I tried an exercise that I'd been desperately intimidated and afraid to try, YOGA! It was the absolute highlight of my evening!  The other women were extremely welcoming, and my instructor was EVERYTHING! 

Lisa shared a story before class started that spoke to my core!  She explained how we seek to find things about ourselves that we wish to change physically as we age, however, the lesson that she learned over the course of last year,  was that she was enough! 

My experience as a full-figured woman was motivating, as I allowed myself to surrender to the poses. I found such dynamic strength in my ability as I made a DECISION to drop the fear, and take a chance yoga.  Everything about yoga taught me that we much conciously DECIDE what we want out of life.  You have to DECIDE to center yourself.  Yes, I said decide, because I found myself having to still my mind from wondering, but when I made the DECISION to do so, all else fell into place.  My body effortlessly surrended to poses and I reached a level of peace and concentration that was amazing!  And yes, it was a workout!  Because I am sore today! LOL! But it was such a rewarding sore, because I fought for something NEW! 

I thank you Lisa for welcoming me and surrendering your time to bring women into such awareness and strength!  I really care about you ladies, and I care about your overall well-being, and I am happy to share my experience with you! While, I understand, yoga may not be for everyone, I challenge you ladies to find something NEW for 2015 that allows for mediation and renewal that you did not do in 2014!

However, if you are in the Atlanta area, and would love to come to yoga with me, please send me an email. We can meet up and attend one of Lisa's amazing classes!  She also has a long-time friend who teaches yoga for women who require modified yoga!  This is an inclusive activity! Love you, mean it!

Elle DeWanna

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