I Became Inspired - Poetic Justice

10:42 AM

It's only appropriate that since I'm rocking 'poetic justice' braids that I created a look inspired by the poetic beauty, Justice herself. (played by the beautiful Ms. Janet Jackson).

There was something so transparent about Justice's choice of style throughout the movie  The viewer could gauge Justice's moods by her choice of style. It was as though her style gave us a snapshot of her moods during the movie.  In the beginning, she wore looks that were dark in color, but towards the end of the movie, she donned the infamous headwrap in white and the best accessory any person can rock, a smile.

Casual Fridays at the office allows me to express my personal style the way I approach style on weekends, hanging with my love, or simply just kicking it.   

Feeling queenly & flirty, the look I chose was a tad bit different from the regular denim and t-shirt look. I decided to add a little 'umph' with my favorite army fatigues, a denim shirt, and an army fatigue scarf doubled as a headband! 

Check out the look below, share & tell me what you think! Donned a Poetic Justice inspired look? Please share! 


Top - Old Navy \\ Pants - Gifted \\ Scarf - H&M \\ Sandals - DSW \\ Earrings - Gifted
Elle D.

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