Am I Plus-Sized or Nah?!... {Reponse Piece}

10:45 AM

Hello lovelies!  Before I ever thought of becoming a personal style blogger, one of the very first blogs I read was from a stylishly chic, fashionista, Christina Brown, over at LoveBrownSugar. This new mommy balances life, career, and her new bundle of joy effortlessly!  It's no surprise that I would find helpful content on her blog about the latest trends, styles, and beauty finds!  Browsing through Christina's IG feed, I ran across a blog post alert from her blog, Am I Plus-Sized or Nah?.  Quite naturally, my answer would be yes, or should it be........?  I quickly alerted Christina that I would be writing a response piece to her post, as I had been having conversations with friends & family over the past few weeks about this very topic!

Struggling with style choices for much of my adolescent and young adult years has never placed me in the position to compromise my sense of personal style. In earlier years, I wore a size 22/24, sometimes a 26. To society, I was morbidly obese, overweight, at risk.  Today, I wear a size 14, an XL, sometimes a 1X depending on the store.  To society, I am still overweight, obese, and at risk.  Truthfully, I loved style at both sizes! Always have and I forsee a lifetime love affair with personal style, no matter my size! It's just innate. 

I, too, like Christina, have had a few thoughts about my blogging as a plus-size, curvy woman.  I wonder if my audience will relate to me as a plus-size woman or curvy fashionista now that my I am able to wear some straight sizes.  Nevermind, that I've struggled with weight my entire life, forget that I know what it's like to wear the largest size in many of the plus-size stores and the fit/cut never matches up to the advertisments in-store.  Oh yes, I can't forget that I worked for a widely known plus-size clothing company as a style expert in college! 

The terms plus-size & full-figured have been a part of my existence that I've carried for years. Conciously, I've made every effort to not allow myself to be placed in a box when it comes to style and my everyday life.  After all, I started, The Curvy Style Project, as an avenue to show the world that style truly is sizeless.  At the end of each post, I pray and sprinkle a little 'style dust' over my posts in hopes that they're received by all!  That the stigma of fat, curvy, plus-size, fluffy, chubby, and all of the labels for this beautiful community of women would be an afterthought to the stylish essence many of us adorn.  I'm a real chick, so I can't say that I don't struggle with what to label myself or how those around me may be offended or side-eye me, or give me the, "girl please, you don't know my struggle" face when I use the term plus-size referring to myself, when in fact, I know the struggle [ or gift, depending on how you look at it ;), it's all about perception] all too well!

So I ask myself, Am I Plus-Sized or Nah? I am size stylish size 14 and I choose to remember the reason that I started my blog. The first reason was to inspire, evoke positive body image, acceptance, and self-love! My audience's sizes may vary, I'm sure, but what I hope each reader finds is the inspiration to enhance their personal style, confidence, self-esteem & self-love whether you're a size 22/24 or size 14. 

I consider it beautiful that we don't have to relate to every cause to support it.  I consider it a blessing that we have a heart for people from different walks and backgrounds of life that we can lend our support to causes important to them.  At the end of the day, we will never fit in with everyone, and what's even more beautiful is that we don't have to!


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