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Fashion has blurred the lines of men's & women's style.  The relaxed approach to style led to the boyfriend jean.  The boyfriend blazer, was also a popular introduction to menswear that sent women to thrift stores everywhere!  An increasing number of women polish their final look with bowties & neckties to pairing with a slim fit pant or heel or for a more collegiate look, the oxford shoe.  I remember as a little girl in the 90's seeing my mother dressed in a crisp white blouse, trousers, neck tie, and tam during the winter and fall seasons.  To add a touch of femme fatale, she would add a red lip and a heel!

A great example of androgynous style widely accepted by style lovers led designers to release various versions of the sneaker wedge, a marriage between a wedge shoe and a about blurring the lines of fashion!  The everyday mix of a relaxed fit a t-shirt, skinny jean & heels is also another timeless & classic spin on mixing masculine & feminine style attributes.  This is not a new concept, however.  Androgynous style also existed during the Harlem Renaissance.  Many female entertainers would adorn themselves in frilly frocks for performances and change into a more relaxed style of dress off-stage!

Surrounded by beautifully eclectic & awesomely dressed women who are not afraid to accept the rewarding challenge of bringing this charming, risky, subtle, but in your face style to the forefront have decided to worry less about social acceptance and more about personal style!  Check out the fly looks below

Carizma's Style - "Trendy, with much charisma.  I gravitate towards slim fit blazers & pants and like to polish off my look with bowties in various prints & colors.  On chill days, you'd probably find me in harem pants or a slim fit jean to finish my look."

Kai's Style - "A bit of old school flair, a bit of funk, topped with a little bit of nerd...the rest is all me...."

Photo Cred : Alexis Gaines
Danni Cassette's Style - "I love old things, so most of my threads are thrifted! Blazers, printed polyester button downs, distressed denim anything, band t shirts,oxfords, and cowboy boots is pretty much what my closet consist of. I am all about nostalgia and I love having my own adventures in clothes that have history and even stories attached to them. If I do wear anything new its jeans... preferably colored ones! Thats me."

Being the curvy blogger that I am, I could not miss the opportunity to introduce the plus side of things to androgynous style!  Some of your most stylish pieces for spring/summer for this year possess a fly mix of masculine & feminine attributes! Check out my take on things with this look!

Blazer - Target | Crop Top - H&M (old) | Harem Pant - H&M (here) | Shoes - Anne Michelle (here)
"Life sometimes requires us to dig deep, and as a result you realize with just a little bit of time & patience with yourself, the inner lioness is eventually set free." Elle DeWanna


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