Little White Dress

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White is a tricky, yet versatile color to wear. In various styles, white can easily transition from day to evening and can be worn in the most formal settings or for vacation & resort wear. I have always adored a chic & classic white look, I mean let's talk Lisa Raye. For a while, I steered clear of white partly because I can be quite clumsy at times and was fearful that my look would not remain white by the end of the night. Lol.

For dinner mom and sis, I decided to give it a go, as a birthday look kick-off! This look was the perfect opportunity to try out Maidenform's Low Back Bra Converter. I definitely require bra support, however, I am not a fan of my bra showing unless it's a part of a look. I picked up a black and nude pair from Maidenform during a shopping trip. Gave them a try with this dress, and after minor adjustments to get the perfect fit for my body, I must say they worked quite nicely.

My review of the Low Back Bra Converter for Maindenform -

* The concept of the bra enhancement is genius.  Many fabulous garments have lower back aspects to the piece, and the converter allows women requiring support the versatility in trying out looks. 

*Affordable!! This is a plus, and are easily attained!  Support garment enhancement below $15, you can't go wrong!

* Increasing the width of the band that snaps around the waist towards the front would provide more security and increase the comfort level if worn long for long periods of time for wearers with larger bust lines.

* Lastly, increasing the number of bra hooks the converter supports. The low back converter only works with bras with 1 or 2 hooks.  Much of the bra support for women with larger bust lines requre bra support with 3 or more hooks.

Out of 5, I give the converter a 3, because the garment did exactly what it was supposed to do and are affordable! Give them a try with your looks, and let me know what you think.

Here's my look of the evening using the converter!

Bib Necklace - H&M

Dress - Ross (similar here & here)

Shoes - Shoe Shoe (here) | Clutch - Burlington (old)


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