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Q. Elle, where did you find that fabulous blouse?!

A. Well, I picked it up in....

Imagine, you've been stopped by a fellow stylish doll admiring the fab pair of pants you're rocking today or maybe you're dressed in the bodycon dress they've been searching for the most perfect occasion...blazer...blouse...? Imagine their expression when you reveal that you snagged it at a store that typically doesn't carry plus sizes, or you found it outside of the plus size section! 

A question that I'd always ask style associates in stores while shopping with friends, the ultimate question, "Do you carry plus size clothing?" And if not, I'd make a B-line for the nearest exit! Until the day I decided to stay a while and carouse the sections of the store, and picked up a few pieces that appeared to be made with a significant amount of stretch, or just looked like it would fit perfectly! Headed to the dressing room to give it a go, and much to my surprise it fit, and the price tag showed a size that I hadn't worn since middle school!
Because this was once my reality, I HAD to share with you!  Ladies, it is a must that we understand our body type & shape when putting together looks, especially when purchasing professional clothing and the lastest trending pieces.  An in-depth understanding of your curves, body measurements, and silhouettes that compliment the figure is critical to awesome looks! Fellow blogger Naturally Fashionable has an awesome post on her blog informing women on the importance of understanding your body type, shape, and curves. Another important element of shopping is understanding fabrics.  Garments containing spandex/lycra indicate 'give' or the amount of stretch in a piece. The more stretch or 'give', often times is an indication that it's OK to size down.

Another fascinating style tidbit -- Never be afraid to wear a garment outside of how it's designed to be worn.  Items intended to be worn as dresses, can be worn as long tunics, short skater dress can be converted to an exaggerated peplum top! Can't find a crop top in your size, head to the straight sizing section to snag a top closest to your size, give it a go in the fitting room, and check out of your possibilities! 

Below are a few places that I love to shop that offers straight & plus.

ASOS - Offers US 0-14 in straight sizes & 14-24 in the ASOS Curve & Plus. Items with stretch are extremly generous in sizing!  This has been my experience when shopping UK based clothing companies. Great trendy pieces!

H&M offers sizes 0-12, 14 in some pieces, and I am pleased to know that they now offer sizes 14W-24W in-store & on-line. 
Many items offered are generously sized!

Forever 21 offers sizes S-L in straight sizes and XL-3X in plus. 

Charlotte Rouse - Offers sizes - XS - L. 
I've found awesome crop tops for women not quite as top heavy. Awesome accessories available here as well!

 Old Navy - offers both straight & plus sizes.  Straight sizes offered in XS-XXL (sizes 00-20), plus sizes, 16W-30W. This is my one-stop shop for denim!  If you're searching for the ultimate skinny jean, try the Rockstar Skinny!

***Disclaimer***I am a believer that a visit to the fitting room eliminates the headache of a piece not fitting perfectly once you bring it home.
If you have other fashion secrets, I'd love to hear them! 

Elle DeWanna

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