I Woke Up Like This -- FLAWLESS!

3:41 PM

Yes!  Yesterday, I woke up a year older -- Wiser, smarter, healthier, grateful & flawless! Oh yes, I said FLAWLESS! And I simply can’t take credit for the woman that I am without Christ, the love of my family & and my extremely close circle of friends.  Their love and support has been insurmountable.  Yesterday, I celebrated my day with a few close friends at happy hour (And for my girls that were not able to make it, I so felt your spirit and your love)!  The healing, love, and the power of true sisterhood overwhelmed me in such a positive way on yesterday evening!  It was the best birthday present.  The world will have you thinking women are incapable of maintaining relationships with one another, but imagine a world where women of various backgrounds, generations, and cultures began to share their stories with one another.  We would find that many of our journeys are similar, but come wrapped with different gift wrap! A sister girlfriend of mine set the standard to celebrating her birthday years ago. She sends a special message to her friends on her birthday reminding us to spread love, serve one another, present a stranger with a gift, opposed to showering her with gifts. She still practices the same selfless tradition today. This year I was motivated to incorporate this tradition in my own unique way ---to simply love on those that have invested into me.  To ensure that I am being the best daughter, sister, friend, fiancé, employee, and lover of people & myself, that was my task this year and for each year!  Love is so important, and I am realizing the more I walk and act in love, life becomes sweeter.  I challenge you dolls to walk in love as much as you can! It’s definitely trying at times, because everyone are at different stages in their growth journey, but as Mr. Mandela put it so eloquently, “people must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”
An outfit post is definitely in order, after all, I woke up FLAWLESS! My look for the day!

Top - H&M (here) | Skirt - Forever 21 (old) | Shoes - Anne Michelle (here) | Necklace - Charlotte Russe (here)

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