Ive Lost Weight, Now What....

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It's no secret, I've lost weight!  I've shed a signficant amount of weight over the course of six years.  With a significant part of my weight lost over the past year, I've reached a healthy weight for ME. I desired to be healthy for my family and be a good steward of the temple that God had entrusted me.  If you've read my previous post, A Note to the Younger Stylista In Me..., you've become familiar with some of my weight insecurities during my adolescent years.  Body acceptance and self-love was an uphill battle that I'd conquered, but what happens when a new battle begins--embracing a new body.
Yes!  My style options have become plenty.  However, it was difficult to wrap my head around my new body.  How do I dress this new figure that has undergone significant changes? How should I camouflage the extra skin that's prone to occur if you've lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time, even with exercise.  How should I handle the mental changes of explaining to people that I lost the weight for healthier living, not because you were insecure about your weight?  How am I to explain to women that you're confident, but you lost weight?  How do you handle the influx of "acceptance" from people that gave you the side eye before?

The answers have become quite simple to me.  The same courage it took to accept my heavier self, will be the same courage, I will use to love and embrace my new body.  Secondly, I use the power to transform the negative into the positive!  If the discussion on my weight loss is not to uplift, encourage, promote self love, or healthy living, I DO NOT respond! Thirdly, I apply the same principle, but now, I have more options!  I wear looks that are complimentary to my figure, enjoy life with my family & my extremly close circle of friends, and LIVE!

I celebrate my body with love, acceptance, and pride and of course a fun casual outfit post!  After all, I'm CELEBRATING!

Blazer - Thrifted Blazer (similar here) | Crop Top - AE (similar here) | Shorts - DIY

Shoes - G by Guess (here)

Elle DeWanna

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