Tulle Skirts & Polka Dots In The City

11:00 AM

Every woman who loves style is familiar with the ever so fashionable, every thread in place, stylish, well-rounded career woman, Carrie Bradshaw!  Imagine my excitement when the infamous, tutu done classy made it’s reappearance as a trend for spring & summer!  While, this is a trendy piece, I foresee options upon options for this fabulous number.  Trends such as these have proven to be flattering for all shapes and sizes.  I’ve also noticed around the world wide web many tutorials on Pintrest and YouTube many DIY (do-it-yourself) tutorials to make these fly little numbers!  Like any other fly lovely, I love a DIY project, however, I’m no seamstress, and my patience wears thin pretty quickly!  So off I went to research ways to secure this trendy look without breaking the bank, after all, everyone knows how I feel about buying trendy items. Ebay never fails!  I purchased my tulle skirts for less than $10/piece!

Here I paired a black tulle skirt with a thrifted silk wrap blouse from Goodwill with a simple classic ankle strapped pump, and my DIY clutch!  To see the before and after, headed over to my Facebook Fan Page. My DIY spring clutch was inspired by the talented Miss Kris Turner of Glitter N Glue.  Whether you purchasing your tulle skirts or DIYing, have fun with the endless possibilities of this dainty, yet bold garment! 

Top - Talbots (thrifted) | Tulle Skirt - Ebay | Shoes - Barefeet Shoes | Clutch - DIY (link above)

Elle DeWanna

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  1. ❤️❤️This look! How many layers of tulle are in your skirt to give that fab fullness? Please & thank you!

    1. Thank you!!! There are five layers in this skirt.

  2. ❤️❤️❤️ This look! How many layers of tulle are in the skirt to give that fab fullness? Please & thank you!

  3. This look is a return to the classic elegance of the 60's and the 70's...LOVE IT!!!! Kudos to you for re-creating the style we Baby Boomers call the era of Chiffon :-). As you stated, this look accentuates all body styles and adds a taste of mystery....