Dont Lose Your Edge - Faux Leather Goes Spring

10:42 AM

Faux Leather Skater Skirt - ASOS (similar here) | Sweater - Sears Clearance | Shoe - Barefeet Shoes (similar here)

 Upon purchasing a trendy faux leather skater skirt from the Asos Curve line.  I had so many thoughts and ideas for this little number! It was a cute little piece that I'd worn for my sweetheart's birthday celebration during the winter season.  Upon an invitation from my favorite group of friends for a night of libations and laughter, I knew the occasion called for something light, flirty & trendy! 

I chose to pair my skater skirt with a light weight sweater with lace detail for a feminine feel & a brown faux leather statement earring to tone down my 'edge', a small crossbody bag, and a cutout bootie to match the faux leather skater, which has undoubtedly become my favorite shoe style for spring!  Edgy is a concept that I am slowly welcoming into my wardrobe, while my style inspirations (Khloe Kardashian, Rihanna, Rita Ora, to name a few), does edge perfectly!

As you're compiling your flirty looks for spring and summer, don't deny the 'edge' in you.  Lightweight faux leather pieces, such as skater skirts, moto jackets and booties, from winter are awesome ways to add a bit of edge to your looks for spring!

Elle DeWanna

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