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Statement jewelry gives a woman permission to be bold and unique. It gives her the opportunity to step out of the mundane and into the realm of fabulous! Statement jewelry is a topic that has been around for quite some time, and can be found in just about every store!  I've always been a lover of bold, statment pieces, but am quite aware that there are a couple things that I consider when choosing the proper piece to top off my look, and I wanted to share them!  A statment piece should make a positive statment to both yourself and the public.  A few tips, that you should consider are :

*  Size - While statment jewelry is usually big, it should not be overbearing, or overshadow your look. Consider your personal size as well as your personality.  The piece should match or complement who you are, not overshadow, which leads into my next tip.... 

* Complent - I will be the first to admit, my personal style is not one of a "matchy matchy" theme.  In choosing a statment piece, the piece does not have to match the color palette in your look. If you must coordinate colors, consider adding distance between the pieces. For example, if you're wearing a red, have a little fun and opt for a studded earring and pair it with a copper statement necklace for an element of surprise. Should you desire to adorn a red piece or accessory, add a subtle ring with a hint of red in the ring, but be sure to remember that your necklace is in fact the statement piece. This is an awesome lead into my next tip...

* One At A Time - Adorn one statement piece of jewelry at a time.  Too much will look cluttered and over done. Are you wearing a statment pair of earrings?  Pair it with a soft, gentle ring.  Are you wearing a statement necklace?  Pull out your georgeous studs!  The idea is to draw the eye to the statment piece.

*Make-up - Onto one of my favorite accessories. I am certainly one to enjoy a beautifully painted & "beat" face, however, when the occasion calls for a statment piece, I consider toning done my look.  Again, the idea is to draw attention to one piece.  Do not completely leave out the face, but yet, take the opportunity to opt for a more neutral eye, with a splash of your favorite lip color.  (Make-Up can be considered a statment piece, thus the same rule applies, one piece at a time!)

*Clothing - Statment jewelry does not require bold attire.  Wearing bold patterns with extremely large statment pieces will draw the eye to more than one place, thus creating a clash.  When wearing statment pieces, I usually opt for softer patterns, blank canvas', or single colors to present a well put together look. Just imagine how sexy a white tee, pair of denim jeans, a heel, and a statement earring or necklace!!

Remember your chosen statment piece will be the bold conversation piece.  Nothing should overshadow this piece, except your own individul light!  A few common accessories considered as statment pieces are bib necklaces, multi-strand necklaces, cocktail rings, chandelier earrings, or cuff & bangles.  My personal favorite are chandelier earrings, bib necklaces, and cuffs!  I've taken a pair of my favorite statment earrings and paired them with several looks to show you how effortless wearing a statment piece can be!

I will be referencing back to this post often as I select different statement pieces for upcoming looks! Stay tuned lovelies!

Elle D.


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