Flower Girl

7:22 PM

It’s officially Spring, and what better season is there to wear a print that blooms!  While I must admit, the mention of flower prints used to conjure up horrible thoughts of unflattering clothing, the sight of a beautiful flower print on a flattering dress or pant brings a smile to my face!  I’ve have seen awesome flower prints in department stores and specialty boutiques for all price points, allowing every woman seeking to open her mind to the flower print. 

I chose to a flower printed dress from Forever 21.  I instantly fell in love with the style and silhouette of this garment.  It's flattering to my mid-section, with the perfect amount of "flounce".  In my mind, this dress channels my inner Etta, Dorothy & Lena! (LOL) Not to mention, the fabric is weighted nicely and is very well made.  I chose to style my dress with the '50s & '60s era in mind.  I paired my dress with a nude platform shoe that has a beautiful gold heel to complement my gold and black  statement earrings. My vintage-inspired sunnies are also from Forever 21.
I elected not to wear a necklace to allow the beautiful print in this dress it’s own spotlight!  Did any of you ladies purchase this dress?  How did you style it?  Leave your comments below! I hope that this post inspires you to look at a garment or print that once made you wince and add your own unique twist to style it to perfection!

Dress - Forever 21 | Shoes - Cato Fashions | Sunnies - Forever 21


Elle D.

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