A Note to The Younger Stylista In Me....

12:06 PM

My style blog is extremely personal to me.  It means more to me than wearing cute clothing, taking photos, and posting them on social media, or competing to become the best blogger.  Each time I post on my blog, my desire is that each style diva understands the importance of presenting themselves with dignity & grace.  While my gift may be to influence & inspire through style, I seek to do more to influence confidence, body acceptance, & self-love. My desire to influence the aforementioned stems from my struggles with these things.  They kept me bound for quite some time, and if I could speak to the little sister inside of me during those times, I'd say....

Elle (little sister),

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.  You have been designed and created for a purpose that may not be quite apparent to you at the moment, however, be patient.  Your design and size will be your a large part of your purpose.  Although you have been given a charge that will require effort and a fight to ward off those that don't understand your design, you will change lives.  Be not concerned about society's standards of beauty, instead, be the vessel in which the change flows through society.  

Never apologize for your standard of style!  This was a gift from your Creator!  Do not be ashamed or down play your gift of style.  It doesn't matter your size!  Once you have worked for your self-acceptance and your confidence, wear it as your crown.  Now with this new crown, you will have to hold your head high, so that your crown does not fall.  It will take work to keep up with it.  One of the most important things to remember is that the crown that you wear is not self-serving, arrogant, or boastful.  It is to be worn as an 'OK' to other stylistas made up with your design to work for their crown, and to wear it with honor and dignity!

Elle, you are creative, and I know you may not have many style options in the sizes that you need.  But this is where your gift of creativity shines, you must remember, clothes are to be worn with the crown you've worked for.  Your grace adds value to what you wear, what you wear does not add value to who you are. Be proud of your specificity, be proud of your design, soon enough, society will come around, and if they should never come around, you still wear the crown you worked so hard for!

Your Big Sister And She's Still Wearing Her Crown,

Elle D.

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